Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aliens and Tïme Travel.

Thursday the 19th, cont´d.

I recorded a confession of myself while driving just to get the Central Highlands Test of my chest. After the contemplation of the events I went through, I´d give myself a score of 82%. I dwelled too long on negative situations, and worse than that, I let a negative person get me down. So much more happened than I wrote about. The past few days were chock full of moments and insights that will have to live on in brain memory, as many of the best things do.

I stopped for some video of a field of alpacas grazing in a field between the mountains. The same mountains said to attract extraterrestrial activity. Continuing on, I began seeing things in the distance. Brown disks slowly moving in between the mountaintops and swirling clouds. My head was clear, the elevation no longer playing tricks on me. But the intense barrage of stresses and challenges of the past few days could be having an interesting effect on my reality.

Flashback to a flashforward.

Suddenly I was up in the snowcaps. Snow drifts whisped over the road and turned to steam when it contacted the road. The grandiose scenery added to this acid-like trip. I was listening to musics from all parts of my life and in a way started to shape shift into a previous version of myself. I was younger, the sense memory taking over my body like I went back to a time where I would imagine myself 10 years older as if my future self was contacting me. This was me going back to plant that feeling. It was fun to examine the similarities and differences between the two people who were now coexisting at the same ¨time.

Dropping out of the Apus where I faced myself, an epiphany jumped to the forefront of my mind: The Meaning of Life.

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