Sunday, March 8, 2009

Photos from Pisco to Abancay

Here are some images from my trip 2 days ago. Except the sandwich one was from Lima the day we left. And the one where I´m standing on a dusty mountain top is the temple del sol at Pachacamac. The other stuff is what I saw on my incredible journey to Abancay. I recommend you click on the photos to view the details in the backdrops. Yes, that´s a cow¡ Videos for that may or may not be published because of internet speed. I wrote a bunch about that journey last night while I was ill (today the food poisoning has passed but head still woozy from altitude). I hope to write about it later because I have some catching up to do but I have my Bolleto Touristico (tourist ticket to get you into many sites and museums) so I will prolly be sightseeing. Duh. Enjoy.


  1. A little tip from the third world: don't eat lettuce or anything that isn't completely smooth and washed in bleach, or cooked to death. It's probably contaminated with e. coli. That includes strawberries.

  2. Yeah there was a guy who wouldn´t eat lettuce off a sandwich -but I ate a piece! Twas fine till I got to Cusco but this altitude is driving me a little nutso. Inka Trail food had me squishy in the gut too.