Tuesday, March 3, 2009

PART I - Lima

I´ve arrived in Peru. It´s summer here.
Yesturday i awoke to a pile of snow in BK. That didn´t stop my flight! It left on time and when i got to sunny FL I turned right around and got on my connecting flight. Cake!
Got to Lima and the airport was spotless. The air tastes a little swampy, more pea-green than FL, hints of seafood and melon. Delicious though. 72 degrees at night. There was no guy from my hotel with a sign so i got in another car. The driving can put NYC cabbies to shame! We pull up to a streetlight and a boy of about 8 years walks in front of the cars and stands on his head! Then begs. Got to my hotel round midnight. Cute balcony overlooking the Parque Kennedy.
This internet cafe has a webcam. I wonder how to hook up my camera to download photos on these public things.
Just had breakfast (comes with hotel). Stopping here then bank then ?

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