Thursday, March 26, 2009

Into The Crypt

Monday the 23rd.

I assumed my role as backpacker planner and went with Selja and Sandra to Central Lima. After breakfast in a cafe we hit the Monosterio De San Franscisco (built before 1687). A Franciscan monastery with baroque syle. Awesome old library with withering books and catacombs home to over 10,000 skeletons. Bones arranged in pits of femurs and skulls, and a cicular pit with an arrangement of femurs and skulls 20ft in diameter?! Exclusive forbidden video coming in a few weeks. Some cielings had intricate wood carvings held together by gravity.

After some chicha we looked around the Plaza De Armas. Administrative buildings. Whup-de-doo. Saw a political demonstration and riot police. Then we drove 20min to Fuerte Real Felipe. That´s a Spanish fort circa 1740 and still has cannons in place and other wartime stuff. Odd cavernous tunnels in the Kings tower (See photo of Sandra and I on top with Lima in BG).

Then we drove down by the Lima beaches and saw the surfers attempting to surf. We dropped in the Lacomar (mall built into the cliff (nighclubs, shops, KFC, cosmic bowling, etc)) for a couple drinks and pizza. Pina coladas overlooking the ocean with great company. Nice!

It was back to Miraflores to move to Loki hostal, 30min nap in a room with 4 beds. Then I met a couch surfer named Xuxa in front of McDonalds. Sandra/Selja joined us thankfully. We went for a drink down a touristy restaurant/club street. Then to Rustica for some BBQ wings, fried cheeses and other tapas foodies. Cervesa. We put Xuxa on a bus and I went to Loki for a nightcap. There I met 2 Americans from CO, Kelly and John. Kelly had been travelling SA for a while and John was just beginning his hippy style adventure (¨I´m thinking of going North, finding a surf town to hang out at for a few weeks...I need to get a cheap tent¨).

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