Thursday, March 26, 2009


Pure and unabridged. Often searched for but rarely found. Yes, dear reader, I found The Meaning of Life on route 24 in the Andes of Peru. And it was much simpler than previously thought.

It´s this: surviving. Every moment we survive through, conscious or not, holds meaning. Whether we die now or later, kill ourselves or are killed, are in intense pain or in a coma we have meaning during all those times alive. The meaning of life is also in part the reality our brains construct during it´s time alive.

This also holds true because:
-Life means something even if there is a lack of meaning (the inverse).
-What we do morally has no bearing. Whatever we do has meaning.
-Meaning exists whether we are aware or unaware of it.
-No matter what we do or don´t do, meaning exists and is inescapable.

There you have it, Lizzy! As for Every Girl´s Secret, perhaps there´s a way to decipher the binary code?


  1. Yeah but is it a grandiose meaning or something simple? By meaning, do you mean a higher purpose or that everything causes everything else? I've always thought simple was better. Were all connected and affectional towards each other and everything. Others want to put it in the hands of a higher power, but that always seemed overly complex to me. How are you leaning now that you have had your epiphany?

  2. It's the leaves talkin' to you. Chew gum instead.