Sunday, March 1, 2009

T minus 1 day

Tomorrow I begin the journey to Peru. Getting there is half the battle. A winter storm is rolling through the East Coast. My flight better leave on time! Last night was a going away party of sorts for me with a handful of friends. It was fun hanging out in Williamsburg. My pal Lizzie gave me a card. It has the word PERU on it along with a mysterious illustration. And another mission for me: bring back the meaning of life. So be it. It must be found.


  1. How about a twist? ... bring back the meaning of life in film ;-)

    Great to see you and Tracy last night!! Thanks for coming.


  2. I thought the meaning of life was beautiful women and Baskin-Robbins vanilla chocolate chip ice cream.

    Do they have Baskin-Robbin in Peru?

  3. I have a meaning of life post later in this blog!!!