Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Miracle has happened to me.

Okay I´m back. Got a quicker internet connection. Yesturday, March 3rd, I got an incredible PERSONAL 3.5hr historical bike tour of Lima by my guide, Hussa. Lunch included! Learned about the war of 1881 with Chile, the Love Park, hoods of Miraflores, Barranco and Chorrillos. Remarkably, the rowboats used for fishing were the only boats in the ocean, anscestors of the ancients who have been fishing there. Saw the hill where a giant light up cross was built to welcome John Paul II when he visited in 1985. Then Hussa told me the legend of a half destroyed church he showed me (I got a video of the story). Some sailors saw a brilliant light of Christ in the sky and built a church on that very spot. It was twice destroyed by the war then by earthquake. While he spoke to me, I felt a prickling sensation all over my body and felt filled with light. Then...I got an instant sunburn WHEN THE SKY WAS FULL OF CLOUDS. A miracle - can somebody phone the vatican?
After that journey at 3p I came back to my hotel to completely crash out. I didn´t get much sleep the night before and I was exhausted. But I did get up to meet a guy at a bar - and told him the wrong time so we missed each other. Wups! Drank a pisco sour with a few local chikitas then came back to the hotel bar when I met some travellers to set up the next day over more beers.


  1. I think that's my fifth grade teacher.


  2. WOW! I love the picture of the mummy-really amazing. I'm so glad that you're exploring, and uh...I'd invest in some suntan lotion pronto-it is summer after all. Cheers!