Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Lorna Dune

And so the scenery changed from snow covered peaks to rolling green mountains to brown desert mountains. Then sand and crumby villages filled with motorbike taxis and scruffy dogs. The desert coast. Yuck. On the way up to Lima I did pass the a sand dune that had a giant painted heart on it. In the heart was written ¨Lorna¨. This is how George Alisons dog got her name, Lorna Dune. A friend told him about this particular dune. Did I make that whole thing up? George back me up!

Got to the sanctuary of the big city. I´ll take this time to explain why I came here again. My plans had changed now that I realized the truth of the situation. It takes longer than I anticipated to traverse the winding roads, and I dared not willingly get onto the rocky dirt paths that connect remote areas. Well, if I had a few more weeks time I would have. So I had to slice out a lot of what I wanted to accomplish in the Central Highlands due to overambitiousness.

I got a hotel, dropped off laundry and later that night went in search of Gringos at the Loki Hostel bar. The staff was serving jell-o shots and had strawberry drinks that night, ever proving that Loki is the coolest place in the country for the kids to stay at. I met a couple Norgegian dudes who are travelling the world for almost a year?! A lot of the groups and duos of young travellers are doing several countries for months at a time. What was I waiting for? Well, I´m out doing things everday when lots of these kids just sit around the hostal watching movies all day. Different kinds of travellers. Respect.

Another thing I want to point out is wherever I found myself, travellers from everywhere congratulated me on my new president. The world followed our election closely and were elated to have the Bush Administration be overwith and have a new Hope for world politics arrive. I remember dealing with hissing Europeans back in 05´whilst travelling. Even my own Belgian relatives were about to throw tomatoes at us for putting that oaf back in office!

No one was available to travel with me to Trujillo the next day. Went back to Flying Dog to see what was up and if there were any good people. There wasn´t. I went to my hotel for ZZZ.

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  1. Lorna is a famous Panamanian rapper (en Espanol). Lorna Doone is a 19th century English romantic novel, and a 20th-21st century shortbread cookie. Take ur pick. I like the cookie.