Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Oracle on the Mount and the Destroyed City.

After 5 hours of setback Katie and I were driving out of Lima at 1:45p, led by the brittish voice of the Garmin GPS. 20km later we were at a desert fortress on the ocean: Pachacamac. This sprawling Inca (previously Wari) complex over 1000 years old is perched on a hill with breathtaking views up and down the coast and the mountains to the east, over some boxy towns. Pachacamac housed the Oracle that tells the future, and has the meaning ¨He who created Land and Time.¨ I had a vision while an old breeze enveloped me. The future I did see. A sensation of success. Well, Chris Hughlett told me to enjoy myself!

Lots of video to come.

We left there at 3:46p and made it to Pisco by nightfall (6:45). The drive was an awesome experience. Desert hills with maniacal bus passings, traditional Peruvian women working in fields, donkeys pulling carts, motorized taxi carts buzzing everywhere.
Pisco: dusty! The whole town was leveled a year ago by an earthquake. Lots of buildings have the first story built and pipes jutting out the top awaiting more construction. We went out for some food. Thanks be to God that Katie speaks Spanish - she deals with everthing!! There will be no record of Pisco at night, sorry. A chaotic little town that´s a bit pummeled. We are in a hotel for $12 a piece. Deal!
The car is hopefully safe in a car park (coachina). We´re getting an early start tomorrow - a pivotal day for me that I dare not write about until it has been performed. Katie will however stay here and take a boat tour around the coast and Reserva National de Paracas.


  1. Dude, it's cochera. You're in a car. You gotta learn these things! :)

  2. I can't believe that you've found the home of the Oracle!! I think that you're going to have even more amazing adventures now. And if someone offers the red or blue pill-take 'em both! ;)

  3. I took the red pill definately. And in Cusco they didn´t know COCHERA, they say GARAGE. Go figure.