Sunday, March 15, 2009


I only got to go in to Museo de Arte Popular, a small museum which I enjoyed. Religeous statues all made to look like Peruvian people?! They didn´t realize Jesus was black I guess. While getting a Big Mac I saw Matt from the Inca Trail. I joined him for a soccer match in Paddy´s, and Irish Pub off the Plaza de Armas where I had a Guiness! This is major because Peruvian beer is sadly piss. He is going to make me moderator of the FB group for Inca Trail. So hopefully this week there will be photos of the trek popping up there to go along with my anti-visual account. Then I came to write more about the Inca Trail. I´m meeting with a German chick soon, then a Polish and Brazilian dude this evening near the fountain. Tomorrow....I ride.

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  1. You go to Peru and eat at McD's. We have taught you nothing?