Monday, March 9, 2009

Water Cults and other WAKA WAKA WAKAS

Today.....was awesome! Got my usual breakfast for $1.50. Got the car and picked up Ben, a young aussie I met the night before at Loki hostel. He got his Boleto Touristico and lost his credit card. After stopping at an internet cafe so he could cancel his card we drove 10min north of Cusco to Qéngo ruins. Neat caves and Inka semicircle structure with niches for golden idols. Channels for chincha or BLOOD!
Then we drove another 10min north and visited the Pukapukara ruins which overlooked the Sacred Valley. I´ll have great walkthrough video of this stuff!
Across the street was the entrance to Tambomachay, ruins of a ceremonial stone bath with water channels flowing around Inka doorways. There was water flowing in the channels!!
Another 40min drive Northward and we were at the destination of Pisac. Better-than-postcard perfect scenery, adding to the surreal feeling of these places. I wish I brought my trekking stick! many steps connecting a few fortresses with unbelievable views of the valley below and other parts of the complex. Gigantic agricultural terracing connecting the stone "neighborhoods".
After that tiring hike we stopped at a restaurant where I ordered guinea pig! It was like really dry turkey. Whateva. The drive back to Cusco was to die for. Animals grazing on the side of the weaving street and views of snow capped mountains over the gorgeous green hills. This natural beauty can be viewed from anywhere at any time.
I have a lot to do in preparation for the 4 day Inka trail trek I begin manana. There´s a meeting at my travel agency. So, you will not be hearing from me during this time. I will let you know how it went on Saturday! Bye bye!

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  1. Okay, I'm totally officially jealous! I'm hoping that you feel better from the food-ick. Take care and be careful on the trek. Your pictures are really incredible.