Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Life on the Panamericana

March 22.

After sleeping for 10hrs I wandered the beach in the AM. A dog carcass, crab shells, lots of sea debris. Ocean beaches are yucky. Breakfast: roll, yogurt, coffee, snickers bar. Thought about what to do that day. If you see one crumbling mud brick wall, you´ve seen em all. The only cool thing North in Chiclayo was a museum. I wasn´t going to drive 6hrs for that cause it felt like too much and this coastal desert is the worst. So I decided what the heck this is a beat scene and headed back down to Lima. I was supposed to be headed to Chachapoyas and Kuelap ruins, but I would need a couple more weeks for that. NEXT TIME. *sniff*

Light brown mountains, ghetto towns. Keep the ocean on the right this time.

got my hotel Solis Dies again and met 2 Norgegian chicas, Selja and Sandra. I hooked them up with the same hotel and we went to have drinks at Loki. I saw Ben, the Aussie I went to Pisac with in Cusco. I also ran into 2 Nords who I met on the Inca trail. The Lima-Cusco connection.

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    I d like to know your opinino about Solis Dies hotel. Muchas Gracias =)