Thursday, March 26, 2009

What Happens In Peru.....


I got an email from Anna saying that, back in Ayacucho, she had gone out for a drink with people she met at the internet cafe. Her story is that when she came back to the hotel, the door was locked. So she stayed at the house of some dude. Why didn´t she leave a note on the door? Why didn´t she come back in the morning to talk to me? Hmmmm. As usual, the truth is somewhere in between.

Tuesday, March 24th.

Got up later at 10:45. Missed the 11a meeting time with the Norwegians. So I met Kelly and John and we went to the ZOO! Heard a lion roar - loud! Great parrot exhibit. We rode a cheesy roller coaster simulator of The Beast. There were huacas all over the zoo, with little explaination. This was an ancient city of some sort.

We came back to Miraflores and I moved back to the Flying Dog Hostal, to the same room I was in when I first arrived in Lima. Balcony overlooking the park. I got an email from Bobby, the grip dude who I met on the Inca Trail travelling with his 57yr old mother. He told a story about how he got jumped on a beach in
Barranco (south Lima). He got pistol whipped and camera/passport/etc stolen. Bastards. He left the next day I think, as scheduled.

That night I met Lucia, a Peru native from couchsurfing. She worked at an ad agency and was something new: a rich Peruvian. She had a beach house in the South and wanted to stop a some vanity stores to see if there were some products in. We went down to Lacomar because she loves it down there?! She spoke good English. We talked about popular culture things and advertising. She even got my sense of humor!

After our meeting I went back to home base. Okay, with my big plans of hitting all the big Inca fortresses thwarted I was on the home stretch, just passing time till I left for NYC. I met the Norwegian duo at Flying Dog. They had eaten cebiche AND guinea pig at the same time?! Sandra was a bit queasy after the experience. Selja and I watched a group of prostitutes work the park from my balcony. It actually got cool enouph that night for a long sleeve shirt!

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  1. It just proves that some has to fellate the indigent.